How to Check Availability and Submit an Offer?

Review the instructions below and then click "Submit Offer" to find your property and submit your offer.

Submit Offer

1. On our property search page, scroll down the list to find your property. Note that properties are listed in numeric/Dewey Decimal order.
2. Click onto the thumbnail photo and off to the right, a full photo of the selected property will appear. Under notes, it will tell you if any offers are presented and Highest & Best deadlines.
3. Check to see if there are any property specific Seller Contracts or Addenda and Special Instructions.
4. Under Current Offers, there will be a note that says “No Offers Submitted” or “Property has one or more offers”.
5. To submit your offer, click the "Submit" link in the far right column.

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The Offer Submission Screen

1. Name 1 is where you will enter the Buyer's full name and Name 2 is where you will enter the Co-Buyer's name (if applicable).
2. After the Buyer's name(s), be sure to select either INVESTOR or OWNER OCCUPANT in the Buyer Type dropdown.
3. Enter all terms of your Buyer’s offer.
4. If your buyer is paying in cash, selecting “Cash” from the Financing Types dropdown will eliminate the Lender information requirement.
5. Check the "Pre Qual / Proof of Funds" box and don’t forget to upload the PQ/POF file.
6. Click the Select File(s) button to upload and submit the signed GAR to the seller.
7. Click "Submit" to finalize your offer submission to the seller. You will immediately see your confirmation, but will not be emailed a confirmation.

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Click Submit Offer to Upload Your Signed Contract
Submit Offer Button
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